Because the San Andreas Fault runs through the property, the site has a unique topography, and the soils are filled with granite and limestone. Our wines have a unique fingerprint because of these soils.

A special place.
John Steinbeck lauded the Gabilan Mountains as “full of sun and loveliness.” It is part of this loveliness that creates Pietra Santa’s award winning wines. The estate is located 25 miles east of Monterey Bay in the Gabilan Mountains directly on the San Andreas Fault. Our maritime climate and unique soils make this a special place for growing winegrapes.

What’s so great about the San Andreas Fault?
Over the years, the geologic uplift of limestone, shale and granite has created incredible soils coveted by winemakers worldwide — especially for Pinot Noir. These rocky soils stress the vines, add a subtle minerality and naturally lower yields, resulting in richer, more intense grapes.

Unique terroir creates outstanding wines.
Careful positioning of the vines combined with our cool climate allows for extended hang-time and full flavor development. Pinot Noir, our signature variety, was planted using three special Dijon clones – #115, #777 and #828 – all noted for producing outstanding grapes.