Step back in time to the 1850s when Frenchman Theophile Vache, a recent immigrant from Bordeaux, stepped onto the stunning land that is now the Pietra Santa estate. A cooling, coastal breeze from Monterey Bay and the limestone-laden soils convinced him that this was the place to plant his beloved winegrapes. Although the property changed hands in the 1880s, his foresight was rewarded when wines from the estate won a medal at the 1900 Exposition in Paris.

Names have changed, but the land remains the same
Prohibition disrupted winegrowing in the area, and the land lay fallow for decades. After a renaissance in the 1950s and changes of ownership, the vineyards were replanted in the 1980s. A winery was built on the property named PIETRA SANTA, Italian for “sacred stone”, in honor of the exceptional soils. In 2005, the estate was purchased by the Blackburns, a family dedicated to preserving and building upon this magnificent winemaking history.

An Architectural Landmark
Located on the estate is the historic Dickenson House designed by Walter Burley Griffin, Jr., an associate of Frank Lloyd Wright. Built in 1906, the Dickenson house retains Prairie School hallmarks with expansive windows, hand-carved beams, and views of rolling hills, palm trees and beautiful gardens. The Dickenson house is available for private events and makes a perfect setting for weddings.