Our Family

Cort Blackburn and Family
In 2005, Pietra Santa was purchased by the Blackburn Family who have been farming in the surrounding area for almost 50 years. They fell in love with the estate because of its beautiful location, superb vineyards and state-of-the-art winery.

Passion for Farming
Today, Cort Blackburn and wife Laura are the sole proprietors of the winery, and Cort manages the daily operations of the estate. As he says, “I fell in love with farming as a young boy, and I have never wanted to do anything else.” Besides Pietra Santa, he oversees farms consisting of approximately 2000 acres of almonds and 500 acres of winegrapes at the family’s Dunne Ranch in Hollister. In addition to his passion for farming, Cort is an avid outdoorsman and active in a variety of sports. He is also involved in many charities including Wounded Warriors and several community organizations that provide services to the area’s youth. Cort and Laura earnestly embrace the stewardship of the land for their five children and future generations.